Listerine + Shaving Cream = No More Cracked Heels? Fail


September 8, 2012 by susiealice

I’ll have to admit I was really exited when I saw this pin about using shaving cream and mouthwash to remove dead skin on cracked heels as I suffer from really bad cracked heels all year round. Both of my parents suffer this as well, and no matter what shoes we wear on a regular basis, the cracks just keep coming.

It’s pretty embarrassing, but here is what my feet look like most of the time…


Often the cracks are quite painful, which makes it hard to put cream on as they sting badly. Combine that with blisters from my soccer boots, and my poor feet aren’t particularly pretty.

I have had some success with the Eulactol Heel Balm, especially the Gold version. However, the cream is kinda pricey and if I even forget to apply for one day my heels are back to having more cracks than a plumber’s convention.

I immediately pinned this supposed miracle, which apparently works by peeling a layer of dead skin off of your feet. I already had some shaving cream, but no Listerine. Procrastinator that I am, it took me a fair while to buy some [it’s also expensive so I waited until it was on special].  I wanted to use the brand Listerine as that was what had been mentioned, and I wasn’t sure if this would work with plain old home-brand mouthwash.

I followed the steps from the link that Pinterest sent me to, but I only did one foot because I wanted to be able to compare.

Basically, you cover your feet with a layer of shaving cream. Mix up warm water and Listerine in a 1:1 ratio. Soak a hand towel in the mixture and wring it out. Wrap towel around feet and leave for half an hour.

To be honest, it’s a lot more time-consuming than just moisturising or applying cream, and it’s currently quite cold in my  joint so the experience wasn’t pleasant. To top it off, this just didn’t work for me at all. No dead skin came off when I rubbed with the towel or when I showered, and my foot isn’t any softer than before.

Pumice stones don’t really work for me either, generally it’s too painful and while it can get rid of some of the skin build up, it doesn’t actually seem to prevent the cracking. So, I think it’s back to using a heel balm, or maybe I’ll try some of my newly purchase coconut oil [it seems to be the miracle for everything these days].

Has anyone had any success with this, or similar, methods?



7 thoughts on “Listerine + Shaving Cream = No More Cracked Heels? Fail

  1. Ann says:

    Lotion (doesn’t have to be expensive, but petroleum based usually works well, unfortunately) and cotton socks EVERY night, for at least a few nights in a row usually works for me. I got a heel file for a dollar at a discount store, and use it in the shower after about 10 mins, and it works really well. Also, make sure you don’t have a fungal infection! Some of that peeling might be due to fungi (especially if you play sports/have sweaty feet like I do). Try some Lotrimin or other anti-fungal foot treatment after you’ve gotten the skin sloughing under control. Good luck!

    • Priscilla says:

      Your advice about fungal infections is great. I have a friend that suffered from the same cracked heels and finally found out it was an infection!

    • J. Sullivan says:

      I used to spend money on pedicures, heal balms/creams, you name it. Everytime I went for a pedicure they lecutured me on how I should take better care of my feet. Finally one day my doc referred me to a dermatologist; she took one look at my feet and told me I had foot fungus. She sent me home with a list of things to pick up at the drug store and warned me not to be alarmed with the amount of dead skin that would come off my feet. IT WORKED! She also recommended a liquid vitamin. Before you buy too many creams that may not work try this road.

  2. Try vinegar soak instead nice warm water for about 30-45 minutes. It can help clear any fungus and (I discovered this by accident when taking a vinegar bath) It softens up the dead skin and my entire body started sloughing when I started to dry off. I had to get in the shower and loofah to get it all off so my towel and I wouldn’t be covered in dead skin. I think it was about a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water.

  3. Dana says:

    I have really dry, flaky, cracked feet. I tried Avon’s overnight renews cream and yes, noticed a difference literally overnight! I loved it so much I became a rep.. Lol.

  4. Marie says:

    I have been dealing with dry feet for as long as I remember, tried every possible thing (creams, sprays) they sell at the pharmacy, epsom salts, vinegar including creams to treat fungus. Nothing has really worked. Well, I was given a Prescription for UREA CREAM 40%, I used it for a couple days and had the feeling it was making my feet drier but I continued to use it every single night. I would soak my feet as I did 100’s of times before, dried my feet really good and then applied the Urea cream, sometimes I would put cotton socks on and go to bed like that and other times, I would cover with plastic bags and then the socks on to prevent the bags from coming off. In the morning, I’d take a shower, scrub my feet with “Mr Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar
    2 in 1 Ultimate Pumi Bar.Purple Side – Coarse, Lavender Side medium” (I purchased it at Sally’s)
    and finally after shower I’d apply a great cream called “Foot Miracle” which I bought at Sally’s as well. Well, these 3 products have change my life big time, I stopped purchasing everything, they do work amazingly. Sadly, my feet like my mom’s are horribly dry so if I stop using the creams or scrubbing, they dry again within a couple of days but at least I have something I know It works as long as I am commited to sue it constantly. Sometimes I skip the urea cream for a few days and instead I use the Miracle Foot at night with the bags and the socks and my heels wake up soft!!! Good luck and if you can, try this I swear by it!!

  5. Marie says:

    Ooops, I forgot to include that I have terrible painful cracked heels besides my feet being so dry. The urea cream and Foot miracle really work for my heels 🙂

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